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Empower Your Heirs.
Enhance Your Legacy.

Welcome to Feigelsohn Kellar.

As one of Canada’s leading transition planning firms, Feigelsohn Kellar can help you and your family to navigate the complex dynamics to master your intergenerational transition plan.

What we do

Transition planning is a complex mix of financial, legal, family law issues and tax issues, combined with family dynamics. Feigelsohn Kellar specializes in tailoring prudent and compelling intergenerational transition plans. We integrate the efforts of your existing advisors to empower your heirs and enhance your legacy with the ability to anticipate & preempt issues and conflicts.

Feigelsohn Kellar works with ultra-affluent individuals who want to create a robust intergenerational transition plan. This instills clarity, stability and open communication, which builds a foundation for effective stewardship. We help you to wisely empower your future generations.


Overwhelming estate tax obligations

Diminished long-term liabilities

Unforeseen U.S. tax exposure

Effective U.S. tax shield

Disengaged children

Engaged and empowered future generations

Conflict within family system control

Integrated and effective governance structure for heirs

Unanticipated Family Law exposure

Maximal protection from marital breakdown

Inefficient and reactive charitable giving

Charitable giving with an aim to enhance family values

Significant issues left unaddressed – “the elephant in the room”

Helping your family develop the skills to have difficult but important conversations

We are pleased to provide our transition planning services without any ongoing fees. While this work requires a significant investment of our time, we believe that the sophisticated insurance-based strategies available through Feigelsohn Kellar provide you and your family with attractive options for the long term, while compensating us for the investment of our time. Our strategic advice results in a win-win for both parties with a built-in, mutual incentive to maintain a long-term relationship.

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piecemeal ➞ integrated

We help you address and integrate all facets of your transition plan, in very specific and comprehensive ways, to anticipate and preempt estate issues and conflicts.

Why we are different

Working with Feigelsohn Kellar makes your transition plan better. We get to know your family system and your existing planning. We learn about your wants and desired outcomes. Most importantly, we enhance traditional planning by addressing two crucial areas that are often overlooked.

Firstly, we employ Integrative Planning over Traditional Planning. We examine all of the elements of your existing plan to learn how each interacts with and impacts upon each other, today and in the future. Each facet of your transition plan is complex in its own right. However, it is critical that these elements combine seamlessly to empower your future generations.

We identify potential conflicts and guide their resolution. Tax planning, family law planning, legal planning, governance issues, and your own vision need to be integrated as one to ensure that there are no unforeseen consequences in the future when all of these pieces come together. Evolving family dynamics and continual changes in legislation require constant attention to ensure your transition plan remains on course.

Secondly, we take a Values-First Approach over a Wealth-First Approach. Feigelsohn Kellar believes family wealth is an outcome of family values. The values of entrepreneurship and stewardship, of hard work, assuming responsibility, and remaining fully engaged are the true “wealth” of family values. By building the planning on this foundation, we focus on the truly important elements of stewardship.

Empowering your future generations to succeed is a critical challenge. A values-first approach looks at preparing them to ensure they become productive and effective during their lives by engaging them in your transition process now.

Feigelsohn Kellar helps you master your intergenerational transition plan. By combining family wealth and family values, we help to strengthen the multi-generational dynamic to ensure sustained success.

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cookie cutter ➞ innovative

We actively develop an understanding of your family dynamics, helping you to anticipate and pre-empt potential family conflicts.

Who we are

Feigelsohn Kellar is a Toronto-based transition-planning firm. Our unique approach is based on early experience working in the insurance industry with affluent families. We saw that these families were not receiving the adequate care required to empower their future generations. Feigelsohn Kellar emerged in 1994 to provide that integrated care, expertise and service.

We have more than 100 years combined experience in Insurance and Intergenerational Transition Planning. Neil leads our new client development and Doug manages ongoing planning outcomes. The Feigelsohn Kellar team provides continual customer service. As active listeners and experienced financial professionals, our varied skill sets have made us an excellent team.

Neil Feigelsohn brings 40+ years of experience to the firm. He is married with two adult children, one grandchild, and enjoys tennis, spinning and boating. His greatest pleasure at Feigelsohn Kellar is “Seeing the look on a client’s face when they realize how much we can help them.”

Doug Kellar brings 35+ years of experience to the firm. He is married with two adult daughters and enjoys cooking, golf, travel, and reading. Doug’s passion is “Big-picture thinking refined to practical, precise implementation.”

Dominik Briault, FSA, FCIA, FEA brings 20+ years of experience in the life insurance industry. He is a fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA) and of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries (FCIA). He has two children and enjoys hockey, the gym, working on cars, and movies. Dominik’s passion is "Bridging the gap between intricate actuarial concepts and complex intergenerational planning."

Noah Goldstein, CFA, brings 10+ years of experience in the Investment Industry to the firm. He is married with two young sons. He enjoys reading, politics, history and travelling. Noah’s passion is “Identifying contentious issues that have been avoided and helping families formulate solutions that are pleasantly surprising to all stakeholders.”

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stagnation ➞ stewardship

To be the best family steward possible, and to be able to impart that knowledge and wisdom to your future generations, is priceless.

Who you are

You are a successful entrepreneur and a responsible family leader. You care about the impact of your wealth on the future generations of your family and want to know you have done all you can to prepare them.

That is where Feigelsohn Kellar can help. We are experts in intergenerational transition planning and will assist you to empower your heirs to continue your legacy and preserve the wealth they inherit.

We are passionate about making a difference for you and your family.

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uncertainty ➞ confidence

The Feigelsohn Kellar team has the experience, passion and capabilities to tailor the intergenerational transition plan that gives you and your family sustained results and peace of mind.

What our clients say

“This relationship transcends personal and business relationships. You are really onto something if you can navigate that level of complexity.”

“Successful clients still have blind spots that they need help with. If Feigelsohn Kellar finds a million dollars, that doesn’t make a big difference to me, but I remember. The effort they put in does not go to waste. I would recommend them.”

“They are intelligent, and they communicate it in a way that makes you feel that you are getting good advice. This is in their core. In a way, I feel empowered.”

“Because of their personalized service, I am motivated to keep going. It’s a very positive force. You are dealing with successful people and want to work with them. I come up with the problems, and they will come back with a solution.”

“They understand the sensitivity and enormity of the task for me personally. They treated the whole task with seriousness. There is an ‘I-get-it’ attitude and empathy. They extracted what I wanted to see, and simplified it.”

“Feigelsohn Kellar worked with us in stages and eased us through each one – they are effective at facilitating the whole family through the process.”

“They … are open-minded and adaptable to all possibilities. Especially when you deal with a lot of complicated products and services. They can take a ‘no’ and turn it into a ‘maybe’.”

“Their down-to-earth personalities make me comfortable. Feigelsohn Kellar treats us with the sincerity, depth, and [the] sense of importance we want.”

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More than just estate planning

How to contact us

Dominik Briault, FEA, FSA, FCIA

416.410.4181 Ext. 203

Casey Bond, FEA


416.410.4181 Ext. 202

Joanne Feather,


416.410.4181 Ext. 205

Sarona Paterson,


416.410.4181 Ext. 204

2842 Bloor Street West
Suite 201
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M8X 1B1

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Who we are

Feigelsohn Kellar is one of Canada’s leading experts in estate planning for affluent families. We work to make your estate plan better by developing intergenerational transition plans that empower legacy-building and protect the value of your estate in unexpected ways. We are passionate about making a difference for you and your family.

Who you are

You are a successful entrepreneur and a responsible family leader. You have planned your estate with trusted advisors. What you may not have addressed is transitioning your value system – your legacy. How you empower your future generations is paramount to protecting the wealth that you have built. That is where Feigelsohn Kellar can help.

Why we are different

At Feigelsohn Kellar, we are active listeners and experienced financial professionals. We reach beyond traditional estate planning to evaluate how each element of your existing estate plan impacts the others so that costly conflicts are avoided. We also focus on building your legacy, to empower you to impart your values to your future generations.

How to contact us

Feigelsohn Kellar works with affluent Canadian families to structure tailored intergenerational transition plans to achieve the outcomes they desire.
Please contact us to learn more.


2842 Bloor Street West
Suite 201
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M8X 1B1